Minister Roshan Baig lets his tongue loose on PM Modi, angers BJP leaders

First Published 13, Oct 2017, 4:31 PM IST
Minister Roshan Baig lets his tongue loose on PM Modi angers BJP leaders
  • Minister Roshan Baig made unparliamentary remarks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi
  • His comments have irked BJP leaders who are demanding Siddaramaiah to drop him from the cabinet
  • Baig was addressing party workers at Pulkeshinagar, recently

Minister for Haj and urban development R Roshan Baig made some unparliamentary comments about Prime Minister Narendra Modi inviting severe flak from the BJP leaders.

A legislator from Shivajinagar, Baig while addressing a party workers meeting at Pulkeshinagar recently, came down heavily on demonetisation. In his excitement to criticise the demonetisation, Baig said those who praised Modi for the demonetisation are now cursing him. "They are calling him B***** for banning Rs 500 and Rs 1,000," Baig said as the crowd cheered on him. He went on to say, "Modi does only 'Man ki baat' than actually doing any work. Instead, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is doing all the work than talking. The BJP leaders should stop criticising the Congress government and appreciate the works."



The Congress government in Karnataka is doing well for the welfare of the people. He listed out the various 'Bhagyas' initiated by the Siddaramaiah government unlike the previous BJP government in Karnataka. "What did Yeddyurappa do when he was the chief minister of Karnataka? He spent his years oogling at Shobha Karandlaje throughout (sic)," Baig riled. "Congress government is the oldest in India. Indira Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have sacrificed their lives for the country. Who has done it in BJP?," he asked as the crowd clapped.

The minister's unparliamentary words against the prime minister have angered BJP leaders who responded saying:  "This shows the Congress' party's culture." Noted BJP leader Go Madhusudhan condemned the Congress minister for his remarks. "This is such an unbecoming of the minister who uses such unparliamentary words on a public platform. Everyone knows the character of Minister Baig. He better mind his tongue or we will not hesitate to expose his character," warned Madhusudhan. BJP leaders have demanded Siddaramaiah to drop him from the cabinet.

JD(S) supremo and former prime minister Deve Gowda too criticised minister Baig for such comments. "Whatever may be the emotion, in politics one needs to criticise issues rather than making personal comments. This is unacceptable. I never spoke like that to Modi, Sonia Gandhi or even Manmohan Singh. This is not the right politics," Deve Gowda said.