BJP leader Eshwarappa, addressing the block unit of the party near Naganakal in Karnataka gave a controversial speech. He asked the party workers never to say don't know bust encouraged them to lie and cook up stories to woo voters.

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Here is the summary of Eshwarappa's speech:

We should speak explicitly about what the BJP government had done here in the state, what has the Centre contributed towards women, Hindus, farmers and people of all category. We should attempt to know at least some things. In case we don't know, (remember we politicians) should never accept that we don't know anything. Whether it is a lie or a cooked up story, one should tell something to the people. For example, when Vajpayee was the leader, Pakistanis had butchered our soldiers. Have you seen them butchering? You don't know anything about it. But still, you have to tell it. Just make it up and say that Pakistan never dared to challenge India when Vajpayee was in power. But they attacked India, during the tenure of Manmohan Singh.

Going further he also said that When Narendra Modi became the PM, he made sure that Pakistan does not even dare exit. What is the problem in telling this? You might not know what has happened exactly. But take a chance on the fact that everyone knows Narendra Modi is a strong person. So, just take his name and tell something. First, you tell it, then we will see what is the repercussion of it.