A senior doctor from Jayanagar Government Hospital, Bengaluru has landed herself in trouble for allegedly helping three arrested Pakistani nationals to get Aadhaars. The police have now registered a FIR against Dr CS Nagalakshmamma.

After the three Pak nationals, and a Kerala man, were arrested in Bengaluru, police have been investigating how the Pak nationals got Indian documents like Aadhaar and voter's ID.

Mohanmmed Sihab, the Kerala man, had told the police that he had managed to get the Aadhaars for the Pakistani nationals - one of whom was his lover - with the help of a gazetted officer.

He had approached Dr Nagalakshmamma - a gazetted officer, seeking her help to get the documents verified. This is mandatory to get an Aadhaar. Apparently without doubting the veracity of the documents, Dr Nagalakshmamma reportedly had a look at the rental agreement and other documents and signed the papers.

"A man had come to meet me seeking my help to obtain an Aadhaar card three months ago. I have helped many in this way. So, I did not hesitate when he approached me. But I have not taken any money in return for the favour," Nagalakshmamma told the investigators, reports Prajavani.

The police have now filed a FIR against Nagalakshmamma. Meanwhile, UID Bengaluru Regional Deputy Director, Ashok Lenin, has also lodged a complaint against her as 'Accused no 1' for her role in providing the Aadhaars.

After obtaining Nagalakshmamma's signature, Sihab produced the documents at a new Aadhaar centre at Kadirenahalli and obtained the cards for his partner Samira Abdul Rehman and her relatives Khasif Shamsuddin and Kiran Ghulam Ali.

The police are planning to book those at the Aadhaar centre for dereliction of duty. Meanwhile, the police have checked the e-mails of Sihab to verify if he had any links with terror organisations. So far, nothing has been established yet, it is said.

The CCB police picked up the accused from Kumaraswamy Layout, where they were living illegally. Sihab, who helped the Pakistani nationals enter illegally into India, had told investigators that they paid Rs 100 each to get the Aadhaar cards and other documents to establish their nationality as Indians. The three are currently in jail.