There has been quite a hullabaloo over the app-based cab fares in recent times in Bengaluru and yet they continue to remain the first choice of the city dwellers or the people coming in from the other cities.


If one lands at the Bengaluru International Airport, he/she would preferably opt for the Airport Taxis, Ola or Uber in order to reach his/her destination. There will probably be only 2 out of 10 persons who would opt for the Vayu Vajra AC Volvo services from the Bengaluru Aiport.


There are some genuine reasons behind it. If a person is carrying a lot of luggage, the bus will not be a wise option because there are no overhead bins to keep the luggage. Secondly, these AC Volvo buses cater to the travellers inside the city, who usually travel from Hebbal to the other parts of the city as well.  So once it gets crowded, it gets difficult for the passenger travelling from the airport with a lot of luggage.


Thirdly, these buses charge close ₹ 300 per ticket. If someone is travelling in a group of three or four, it will not be a wise decision again to pay close to ₹ 1200 for bus tickets. Instead, they would opt for a cab which would charge them a maximum of ₹800 – 900 even if they travel to Electronic City from the Bengaluru International Airport.


“Shelling out Rs 900 for a bus ride is just insane. There’s no overhead space for luggage too on a bus. Taking a cab is the more sensible and economical option unless you’re travelling alone,” a passenger was quoted as saying by the New Indian Express.