The Kempegowda International Airport police detained an ex-soldier for attempting to board a flight while carrying live bullets and pistol spare parts in Bengaluru, reported Kannada Prabha.

Bade Dhyaneshwar of Maharashtra was trying to board to board a SpiceJet SJ -24 flight bound to Pune on November 2. When the CISF staff checked his bag they found it contained two live bullets and two empty cartridges and spare parts of 5.56 pistol. Immediately he was taken into custody by the CISF. During interrogation it was found that he is an ex-soldier. He was advised that banned things cannot be taken on board, a station bail was granted to him and released.

He said he had served in Indian Army and retired. A 96-year-old ex-soldier known to him had given him the parts of the pistol and the bullets 10 years ago. They were kept in the bag and he had forgotten about it. He had come to Bengaluru to visit his daughter residing at Indiranagar on October 28 by train and was flying back to Pune on November 2.

L K Shitho of CISF lodged a complaint against him for carrying bullets without permission and as per the rules he was arrested and released after station bail was granted. The bullets and gun parts were sent to forensic lab for testing.