Till a few weeks ago, former corporator and rowdy sheeter Nagaraj alias Naga would issue threats to police officers for raiding his house through a video from his hideout. But today, he is all humble and apologetic, in the police custody.

After the city police raided his house on April 14 on money laundering charges, Naga went absconding. But, he would release video blaming the police officers for torturing and forcing him to go underground. He had even dropped the names of a few police officers and public representatives of allegedly seeking his help in exchanging the demonetised notes. His allegations had caused severe embarrassment to the department.

But, now at the prison, he is said to be begging the officials to forgive him. "I have done wrong, I know. Please, forgive me. At least, show some mercy on my younger son, Shastri and be kind to release him. He is very innocent," Rowdy Naga is learnt to have told the police, reports Kannada Prabha. His two sons, Gandhi and Shastri too were arrested along with Naga from Vellore after trailing them for 28 days. Rowdy Naga's younger son Shastri is a student of MES College and is in final year of B Com. "He has no role in money laundering activities. He is very innocent," Naga is learnt to have told the police. While on the run, Naga and his sons would roam around the city during day in their car as they did not want to be identified. In the night, they would sleep at temples. This was their routine for 28 days.

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The police had found scrapped notes worth Rs 15 crore from Naga's residence in Srirampura. Naga with the help of his relative Mani and Selvam - Mani's acquaintance in Chennai - was involved in money laundering. "He had fixed Rs 25 lakh commission in exchange of every crore," reports Kannada Prabha. This was Naga's preparation to equip himself to contest the next year's election.

Naga, a former corporator was allegedly involved in assault, robbery and attempt to murder on former BBMP corporator Govindaraju. He was infamously known as 'Bomb' Naga too but he moved the High Court and brought an injunction from the court to remove his prefix from police records. The court had also asked the police to remove his name from the list of rowdies.