In Ayurveda, Gomutra or the cow urine is claimed to be helpful in the treatment of leprosy, epilepsy, asthma, abdominal pain, bloating, anaemia, cancer and many more conditions. It doesn't stop there, just sprinkle it on the piece of land you think has been polluted by the presence of a person, and the land becomes pure again.

Don't believe it? BJP Yuva Morcha members of Sirsi in Karnataka have proved it. They claimed that an actor-activist like Prakash Raj standing on a piece of land has enough power to pollute the place he keeps his foot on.

Of course, questioning and criticising certain leaders qualifies this actor to be a pollutant. But BJP workers have a ready answer; actor Prakash Raj cannot scare or scar them by his presence. The magic potion is anyway there to purify the venue. And this liquid is not just applicable to people but animal meat too. Rewind to June 2017, BJP's Yuva Morcha used the gomutra to purify the venue in Mysuru where beef was served

The question is, who needs the real cleansing? Can cow urine clean the wrong notions from the minds of the people? According to Hindu beliefs, Lord Chitragupta is the one keeping an account of every person's actions. But looks like a drop of Gomutra can easily erase those negative marks in his register. After all, it has the 'cleansing' power!