Congress’s strategies to escape BJP net

First Published 16, Oct 2017, 6:26 PM IST
Congresss strategies to escape BJP net
  • The BJP is making attempts to lure Congress bigwigs to join them.
  • The Congress leaders held a meeting on Saturday to work out strategies to retain them in the party.
  • AICC vice-president Rahul Gandhi had also mentioned it and had asked for a report.

In the wake of BJP’s attempts to lure Congress bigwigs to join them, the Congress leaders held a meeting on Saturday to work out strategies to retain them in the Party, reported Kannada Prabha.

After returning from Kolar on Saturday the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah called a meeting in the City of top Party leaders of the State and in charge K C Venugopal. They discussed that the BJP is luring influential Congress leaders, and how to retain them in the Party. AICC vice-president Rahul Gandhi had also mentioned it and had asked for a report. Hence the State Congress leaders discussed on how to work out a strategy at the meeting, sources said.

The meeting also discussed the Chief Minister’s State tour. He will start the tour in November or December.  It was said that CM should tour the State before ticket allocation. The complete tour plan, including where to start where to end and how to organise the tour was discussed, said the sources.

After the meeting Siddaramaiah and KC Venugopal had a separate confidential meeting. The details of this meeting is not available.  Meanwhile, State in-charge K C Venugopal had meetings with Urban Development Minister K J George and Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy separately.  Venugopal obtained the details of City roads, potholes and the repair works. This is said to be to be submitted to Rahul Gandhi as he had asked for it.

Meanwhile at Mysuru Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said: "The enemy’s enemy is my friend. I do not believe in heroes. I trust people. Even if all enemies unite they cannot defeat me." He asked, "When the people of Chamundeshwari have not failed me in by-elections will they desert me now?"

Speaking to media persons on Sunday, at Mysuru airport Siddaramaiah said, “Nobody can defeat me. We have public support. I have protected the trust of people in my constituency. They will not desert me."

He refused to comment on former ministers V Srinivasa Prasad and H Vishwanath. "They are talking in desperation for losing the election. Though all of them had united I still won. Public opinion will not change," he said.

Coming down heavily on Yeddyurappa, Siddaramaiah said being a Chief Minister and a Finance Minister Yeddyurappa does not have minimum financial knowledge. "We have used Mysore Minerals’ funds for emergency and we will reimburse in the next budget. There is nothing wrong in it. It’s a common practice.  Yeddyurappa should have used some common sense," he criticised.

Commenting on the rains he said he has been living in Bengaluru since 1983 and it had never rained this much.  "In the last 62 days it has poured for 46 days. That too not normal rain but heavy down pour.  The drains were not constructed to withstand this kind of rain. Any encroachment on Rajakaluve will be cleared without exception.  I am not responsible for rains at Bengaluru. We have paid compensation to the family of those who died due to rain. BJP should stop politicising even in death," he said.

BJP leaders painting white around potholes is a big drama he criticised. Responding to a query he said the State is open for appointing Dalits as archakas like in Kerala.