Karnataka students have been warned with a strong message from the education minister Tanveer Sait. If a student is caught copying in an exam, then he/she can be barred from writing an exam for up to three years.


Karnataka Education (Amendment) Bill 2017 was passed in the legislative council on Friday by Sait. This bill focuses on increasing the quantum of punishment if a student is caught cheating in an exam hall across the state.  


However, BJP and JDS members opposed the idea stating that it was too harsh on the students. They said that it can destroy a students’ career as well. But the decision was taken keeping in mind the rise in malpractices in the exam halls in the state.


"It's wrong to say that the bill has been brought intentionally to target teachers. We want to check malpractices in exams and will target only those who are guilty. The provision makes a student caught copying liable for punishment of up to three years and will deter them from resorting to unfair means," primary and secondary education minister Tanveer Sait was quoted as saying by The Times of India.