The BBMP spent Rs 5 lakh on kennels for stray dogs at the Chamrajpet veterinary hospital but due to the lack of security and staff to guard it, the scarp mafia and others have robbed the iron bars and windows off those kennels, and now the place looks deserted.


In 2011, the BBMP's animal husbandry department managed to get funds allotted for dog shelters, and thus 36 kennels were built. But due to lack of commitment from the department in deputing additional security and maintenance, the hospital now has become a place where antisocial elements thrive.


Some drug addicts and slum dwellers from nearby areas entered the hospital and mugged the animal husbandry staff. Many off them asked for a transfer and left the place, fearing assault and or even worse.


Vinay Morey, from Sarvodaya NGO, who has conducted animal birth control at the hospital said the doctors and staff were harassed by drunkards, drug addicts and other antisocial elements.


"The staff members were mugged. We filed a complaint at Cottonpet police station but nothing came off it. Fearing for our safety, we decided not to continue our work there," Morey said.


Also the NGOs, which were conducting animal birth control programme at the hospital, were asked to vacate by the BBMP as the organisations allegedly did not pay taxes. However, the NGO claims that they stopped work themselves as they did not get payment on time from the BBMP.


"Realising that nobody takes care of the hospital, anti-social elements entered the area, and took away the iron gates and window bars from the kennels. They sell these items at scrap market for throwaway prices," said Srinivas, assistant at the hospital.


Dr Sriram, Deputy Director of the BBMP Animal Husbandry Department, who is monitoring works at BBMP veterinary hospitals, said that extra security will be added and the height of the walls will be increased to stop antisocial elements from entering the place.


Apart from these measures, the BBMP has also invited fresh tenders to repair the hospital and dog shelter, and also make an additional 100 kennels.


"The tenders will be opened on April 20 and the company which quotes the best price will be awarded the contract. In a month's time, the place will become operational," said Dr Sriram.