The BJP dissident leaders are contemplating meeting BJP national president Amit Shah separately and complain about issues bothering the State faction of the Party, during his 3 day stay at the State from Saturday.  

The dissident leaders, who had opposed State BJP president B S Yeddyurappa during appointing office bearers, had gone silent after being consoled by Amit Shah. However, later their attempts to meet Amit Shah at Delhi as a delegation had not materialised. Now that Amit Shah is arriving at Bengaluru, the dissidents have decided to meet him and submit their complaints, it is learnt. But it is also suspected if Amit Shah will give a hearing to complaints at a time when the Party is preparing for elections, reported Kannada Prabha.

In any case, Amit Shah is going to hold meeting of all levels of office bearers of the Party. If in case the dissidents get an opportunity, they may attempt to voice their complaints.  Apart from this a separate meeting of those who have identified themselves as dissidents may not materialise, say sources.  

The dissidents are 18 in total including Sogadu Shivanna, M B Bhanu Prakash, S A Ravindranath. Some days ago, they all held a convention at Palace Ground and declared a war against State President B S Yeddyurappa. They condemned Yeddyurappa’s behaviour in strong words, without mincing words.  Eventually the dispute reached a logical end when Yeddyurappa suspended some from the post of office bearers, following which the others kept silent.

Now that Amit Shah is coming to Bengaluru the dissidents are consulting each other about meeting him separately. A leader who did not wish to reveal his name spoke to Kannada Prabha and said “we are not dissidents, instead we are the sincere workers of the Party.

We have always spoken for the betterment of the Party and not against it.  Our aim is to strengthen the Party in the State.  We wish to meet Amit Shah and express our opinion”, a leader said. Currently it is wait and watch situation.