33,621 and counting: That's the number of potholes in India's Silicon City

First Published 7, Oct 2017, 3:21 PM IST
Beware killer potholes 24000 km roads totally wrecked roads totally wrecked
  • A total of 33,621 potholes have been identified by the BBMP
  • 16,978 potholes are already filled up, say Palike officials
  • Despite complaints about the python machine, the BBMP continues to use the machine

Rains have completely changed the way Bengaluru roads used to be. Every time it rains in Bengaluru, the roads develop potholes and craters threatening the lives of the road users. 

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) that has been giving itself deadlines of 48 hours, three days and even one week and so on has shown little care to ensure safe travel for Bengalureans. Though it claimed that it filled up 1,000 potholes in one night, the work that is needed to attend to leaves the public dissatisfied. The rains this year have laid bare the misappropriation of funds, inefficient civil works and the nexus between the BBMP officials and contractors.

According to the terms specified in the tenders, the roads must be in good condition for three years and the contractor is bound by the maintenance for three years. But even a small shower is causing pothole in Bengaluru exposing the shoddy work undertaken by the officials. The contractors are using wet mix or hot mix and doing a temporary job to fill up the pothole. Also though the gigantic Python machine has been termed as not satisfactory, the BBMP continues to use the machine

Under the BBMP cover there are 24,000 km roads. Every road has developed potholes to such an extent that even to count them has become a herculean task. Most of them have turned ‘bad reach’ patches. The BBMP officials have announced that in all the eight sectors, a total of 33,621 potholes are identified and 16,978 potholes are already filled up.  Accordingly there are only 16,643 potholes to be covered, reports Kannada Prabha.

Potholes are increasing by the day for the past three months. Mayor and BBMP Commissioner's 15-day deadline to fill up the potholes is yet to see the light of the day. As a temporary measure, wet mix is being used to fix potholes. Transport expert MN Srihari has said that the all technologies to repair roads is available in the country. But they are not being used properly. Any road that does not last as long as five years. indicate a poor quality civil works, he said.