Bengaluru: The data released by the Indian Meteorological Department on Wednesday morning indicated that the New year began in 'cold-like conditions' as the minimum temperature dipped to 12.4 degrees Celsius, two degrees below normal. According to weather expert, January will remain cold due to cold winds moving from North India and neighbouring Telangana and Maharashtra.

Talking to Asianet Newsable Dr Srinivas Reddy, Director Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre, January will be the coldest month of the year.

"Winds from the cold regions in North India like Rajasthan, Delhi-Noida region are moving towards the south. At the same time, the cold conditions in Telangana and Maharashtra just adds to the chill factor, hence the Hyderabad-Karnataka and the Mumbai-Karnataka region is witnessing low temperature and the scene is no different in Bengaluru, which is close to Telangana" said Reddy, explaining the reason for the dip in temperature.

He further added that for the next two days the city's minimum temperature will be 12 degrees and this cold condition is likely to remain the same for the rest of the month.

Following the IMD observation's, health experts opine that nasal congestion, fever, body pain, sore throat, runny nose, headaches are common during this season. This apart, people with co-morbid conditions, asthma, heart and lung disease and Osteoarthritis should be careful.

Regular intake hot and warm food and liquids, warm clothing, gloves, socks and cotton covering for ears is highly recommended by health professionals as the city becomes more susceptible to sickness.