Actor Kashinath: Who is he and what has he done to Sandalwood?

First Published 18, Jan 2018, 4:00 PM IST
Actor Kashinath Who is he and what has he done to Sandalwood
  • Sandalwood actor, Kashinath, breathed his last this morning
  • He is known for his hilarious acting and directing in the Sandalwood industry
  • His death will definitely be a huge lose for the film industry, in Karnataka,
  • Here's a look at the iconic work he did in Sandalwood

Sandalwood Actor Kashinath died this morning. But it has got every film buff in Karnataka fondly remember his contribution to the industry. Well, for a man who was in the industry spanning over 3 decades, he donned double hats - director's and actor's. And was known for his double meaning dialogues that took centre-stage in all his movies.

From Aparachita, Anubhava to more, the tender nuances of relationships, personal problems that makes every day life difficult for a husband and wife... Intimacy, sensitivity... subjects considered taboo then were explored by this meese hotha gandasa... the hero with the moustache


Kashinath was not only breaking barriers in Kannada cinema, he was also instrumental in introducing and moulding many stars like Manohar, Umashree, Abhinaya and more. The only Real Name that will stand out is of course, Upendra.

One skill that Kashinath surprised all with was his intuitive planning - from budget to dialogues. Let me explain. He was producer-friendly because Kashinath knew how to stick to the story and deliver it with panache while keeping the costs economical. He was a writer too. He wrote the dialogues and narrated it, so he could keep an account of the number of reels the particular scene would require.

Comedy king Kashinath was Cashinath for he surely knew how to set the cash registers ringing with his movies... well, puns and double entendre's will continue to remain only with him I guess... May his soul rest in peace.