An eight-year-old girl died due to burns as she was trying to replicate a fire-dance scene inspired by a ghost-serial in one of the private channels.

Prarthana, who was studying in the second standard was inspired by watching the serial Nandini, and as the young girl dances on the fire in the serial, she tried to do the same but succumbed to injuries.

Prarthana, the eight-year-old daughter of Harihara couple Manjunath and Chaitra died of burns after she tried a TV serial stunt on November 11.

She was inspired by a ghost serial 'Nandini' in Kannada telecasted in one of the private channels. There was a scene in the serial where young girl dances on fire and Prarthana believed it so much that she wanted to try it for herself in her house at Harihar in Davanagere.

To replicate the scene, Prarthana is said to have torn the papers arranged them around her, set it on for and started dancing in the middle of it. But the fire caught her dress, and she started shouting for help.

This incident was witnessed by her five-year-old sister Poorvi who also started crying. Hearing the cries of the kids, neighbours rushed to their house, broke open the house and immediately doused the fire and took Prarthana to the hospital.

But not responding to the treatment, Prarthana succumbed to the burns.