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Desperate to reunite with lover, Bengaluru woman seeks astrologer's help; ends up losing Rs 8.2 lakh

In a heart-wrenching tale of desperation, a 25-year-old woman from Jalahalli, Bengaluru, sought the assistance of an astrologer to reunite with her former boyfriend, only to fall victim to a scam and lose a staggering Rs 8.2 lakh. The incident has prompted the woman, identified as Rahil (name changed), to file a complaint against the astrologer and his associates, marking another unfortunate case of exploitation.

Scam alert: Bengaluru woman loses Rs 8.2 lakh in desperate bid to reunite with ex-boyfriend; check details
First Published Jan 23, 2024, 10:28 AM IST

Rahil, grappling with the recent breakup with her boyfriend and facing other challenges, turned to the internet in search of a solution. She came across an astrologer named Ahmed, whom she contacted on December 9, seeking help to mend her relationship and overcome various personal issues.

The astrologer, preying on Rahil's vulnerability, instilled fear in her by claiming that someone had performed black magic on her, her friends, and family members. Seizing the opportunity, Ahmed, along with his associates Abdul and Liyakhatulla, manipulated Rahil into making several payments under the guise of freeing her from the alleged malevolent influence.

Ahmed instructed Rahil to send photos of herself, friends, and family members, exploiting the trust she had placed in him. Initially making a payment of Rs 501 through a digital payment application, Rahil found herself deeper in the scam as Ahmed demanded Rs 2.4 lakh to perform black magic on her boyfriend and parents. She made the payment in cash near New BEL Road on December 22 and was coerced into another payment of Rs 1.7 lakh in Hebbal two days later.

As the demands for money persisted, Rahil began to suspect foul play and refused to comply further. In response, Ahmed resorted to abusive behavior and threats, including the potential exposure of Rahil's photos with her boyfriend to her parents.

Despite Rahil's growing suspicion, she ended up paying a total of Rs 4.1 lakh through multiple transactions via a digital payment application until January 10. When her parents discovered the financial loss of Rs 8.2 lakh, they encouraged Rahil to file a complaint with Jalahalli police.

The money had been transferred to an account in the name of Liyakhatulla, one of the associates involved in the scam. While Ahmed claimed Rahil forced him to perform black magic and promised to return her money, his mobile number is now switched off, leaving the victim in distress and underscoring the need for awareness regarding such fraudulent practices.

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