The arrival of winter season is expected in West Bengal from mid-December. Temperatures in Kolkata and adjoining areas can hover around 12-13 degrees Celsius. According to the meteorological department's forecast, winter is likely to hit the state by the end of this week. 

According to the Alipore weather office, temperatures in the western districts of the state could drop below 10 degrees Celsius. GC Das, director of the Meteorological Department, said the temperature in the state would start dropping from Thursday (December 17). Residents of Kolkata will feel the chill of winter on Saturday (December 18) and Sunday (December 19). 

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The meteorological department further said that if the cold north wind blows from north India, it will affect the state of West Bengal. The meteorological department said that there is a cyclone alert over Madhya Pradesh. As soon as it is removed, the north wind will open its way towards West Bengal. 

According to the meteorological department, it may rain somewhere in the western districts of the state, including Jharkhand. When the sky is clear after rain, the temperature will decrease. Although there is no possibility of rain in Kolkata and adjoining areas, the amount of water vapor has increased due to the cyclone. 

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The minimum temperature in Kolkata on Wednesday (December 16) is around 17 degrees Celsius. It is 2 degrees higher than normal. The minimum temperature in Kolkata was around 15 degrees Celsius. Temperatures in the western districts have hovered around 10 degrees Celsius.