Kolkata: Detectives of the Special Task Force of the state police found a fake non-judicial stamp paper racket in Kolkata on October 6. State STF detectives arrested two people in the Amherst Street Police Station area on October 6. Several thousand court fee stamps along with fake non-judicial stamp paper worth Rs 25 lakh were recovered.

According to STF sources, the detectives have been receiving information for several days that fake non-judicial stamp papers were found in various places of Kolkata. This stamp is mainly used in land and household deeds. The government collects a lot in revenue by selling these stamp papers. While investigating the fake stamp paper, detectives came to know that a person would hand over the stamp to another person near Sealdah on APC Road on October 6 afternoon.

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Based on the information, a man was arrested with the help of Amherst Street Police officers. The STF detectives also arrested another person based on the information. The two had 500 non-judicial stamp papers worth Rs 5,000 on their person. A court fee stamp worth Rs 50,000 was found in the bag.

According to STF sources, the names of the arrested are Radheshyam Gupta and Paltu Dey. Radheshyam's is a resident of Maniktala, Kolkata, while Paltu is a Nimata resident.

Initially, it was learned that the two had delivered the fake stamp papers to two different agents. After a preliminary investigation, detectives found out that the suspects had received a “fake” court fee stamp from a resident of Bangaon named Raju Mandal.

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Raju used chemicals on the used 'court fee' stamp to remove ink and all traces. He would use the stamp to sell new stamp paper in the market. However, investigators have found out that all non-judicial stamp papers in his possession are fake.

According to reports, the fake stamp paper was printed in a press in Ultodanga. The owner of the press is also a resident of Bangaon. Detectives claim that this is a big racket. The detainees will be produced in court on October 7. According to sources, STF officials will seek custody of the accused.