Various states of northern India have witnessed locust infestation during the harvest of Kharif crop. Large grasshoppers inhabiting the desert region have destroyed crops of the land by invading the plains. Large areas of croplands have been destroyed in an instant. Farmers were left devastated due to the attack of the locusts. They tried to chase the swarm of locusts by playing drums and with mics.

Even though there have been no reports of locusts attacking agricultural land in West Bengal, the state government has taken the initiative in advance.

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Pesticides are applied to crops to control insects and pests. Crops that come from the land where pesticides are applied have a detrimental effect on the human diet. Considering these factors, a 'Solar Light Trap' was introduced for farmers to save crops from locusts and insects. Farmers can use this special device to prevent insect attacks on crops.

The 'Solar Light Trap' is a sophisticated device. If the device is left on the farmland, the light rays emitted from the ‘Solar Light Trap’ attracts insects and spiders. Insects trapped in the contraption will die.

Farmers do not have to spend extra money to use this device. This device will be charged automatically in sunlight.

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At Goghat in Hooghly, the 'Solar Light Trap' was handed over to 20 farmers. An exhibition was also organised by the Agriculture Technology and Management Agency. Farmers were very happy to receive the device which helps save their crops from insects and spiders.