While the country is fighting over the Hathras gangrape issue, a young woman became a victim of extreme atrocities in the state of West Bengal. Pictures of a half-naked body of a woman lying in a paddy field are circulating on social media. The picture has raised a storm on the internet.

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee took to the streets to protest the Hathras rape case. She marched from Birla Planetarium to Mahatma Gandhi statue in Kolkata on October 3.

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At the end of the procession, Mamata Banerjee said, “No political party is being allowed to enter Uttar Pradesh. I have heard that journalists are also being detained. The BJP shoots aimless high talks during the votes only. They bring food from hotels and eat at the homes of Dalits. As soon as the vote is over, the Dalits are severely tortured. The BJP is playing dirty politics everywhere.”

On Friday (October 2), a four-member delegation comprising Trinamool Congress leaders was stopped by the Uttar Pradesh administration who refused them an opportunity to meet the victim’s family at Hathras.

Officials of Uttar Pradesh Police were seen manhandling Trinamool Congress MP Derek O’Brien. The MP was pushed, shoved and then he fell down suffering minor injuries.

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Meanwhile, BJP leaders have also mocked the chief minister's program in protest of the Hathras rape case. The incidents of Park Street and Kamaduni have also come up in discussion. Recently, a picture of a half-naked body of a woman lying in a paddy field went viral on social media. The person who posted the picture claimed that the woman was killed after being raped at Ghatal in West Midnapore.

In the picture, the person indirectly pointed towards the sign of the ruling party of the state and said, “The men and women who are talking about the lack of security for women in the country are keeping their mouth shut when a women is being tortured in their state. They can see what is happening in far-flung Uttar Pradesh but cannot raise their voice against the injustice done to a woman in their state.”

After the picture was posted on social media, police started investigating the case. Later, it was found out that the young woman was killed, and her half-naked body was recovered from the paddy field. The family members claimed that the deceased had tiffs with her husband and that her husband would torture her regularly.

Family members alleged that the husband had killed the woman and left her in a paddy field 2km away from the house. The police superintendent of West Midnapore confirmed that the deceased woman was not a victim of rape.