Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh government refuted claims made by a reported circular which stated that a blanket ban was issued on the use of mobile phones inside colleges and universities.

Reports stated that the Uttar Pradesh government had banned the use of mobile phones in colleges and universities in the state.

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The reported circular was allegedly issued by the Directorate of Education in Uttar Pradesh informing authorities of the ban. According to this, college students would not be allowed to use mobile phones inside universities and colleges. The ban is also applicable to teachers across all universities and colleges in the state, mentioned the alleged circular.

It was also alleged that the decision to ban mobile phones came to ensure a 'better teaching environment for students across all colleges and universities in the state' according to reports.

This news, however, was refuted by the Directorate of Education. The DoE also clarified that there were no such plans to ban mobile phones.

The original story published on October 18 suggested that chief minister Yogi Adityanath had banned the use of mobile phones in the colleges and universities of the state. The information was later found to be incorrect and malicious. The story was later updated to reflect the clarification by Directorate of Higher Education, Uttar Pradesh.