Twitter has once again suspended popular Twitter account 'True Indology' hours after the user got into an argument with IPS Officer D Roopa over the ban on firecrackers by several states. 

However, the exact reason for the suspension of the account is not yet. 

The duo have been having a long argument over whether crackers found a place in Indian scriptures. 

'True Indology' has been leading the debate on the micro-blogging platform about Indian history and has over 2.3 lakh followers.

Reports have cited Twitter users as saying that 'True Indology' stated facts and gave evidence to prove his point during the argument without offending or hurting anyone.



'True Indology' claimed that the account disagreed with the IPS officer's claim that crackers were not mentioned in ancient texts. The account owner reportedly cited 'Ananda Ramayana' and 'Skanda Purana' to substantiate the claim.

The user alleged that the account was 'digitally eliminated' by Twitter after it reportedly denied sharing personal information with the officer.

Twitter is yet to respond.