Velachery: An MTC bus ran amok in the city on Saturday (October 5) and rammed eight cars after its driver suffered a heart attack and died behind the wheel. The incident occurred at around 2pm at a traffic signal in Velacherry. During the incident, there were 10 passengers on the bus.

The deceased driver is identified as 36-year-old Rajeshkanna. He was driving the 576S bus towards the signal in Velachery.  

According to police sources, after the driver suffered chest pain, he fell unconscious, and the bus rammed eight cars that were stood at the traffic signal. 
It was then that Vijay, who was standing on the road when the incident occurred, took notice of it, boarded the bus and applied the brakes. 

The alertness of 25-year-old Vijay, a tempo driver, averted any major casualties and prevented further damage to surrounding vehicles. 

Meanwhile, the police are trying to obtain a reward for the tempo driver for saving the lives of passengers and avoiding a major accident.