INS Vishal, Indian Navy’s second aircraft carrier, will be powered by a nuclear reactor. This carrier will be able to accommodate up to 55 aircraft including 35 fixed-wing combat and 20 rotary wing aircraft.


However, it is highly unlikely that INS Vishal would enter the service before 2030. India wanted to bring the carrier in service in 2020s but now it seems it would not be possible as there is no confirmed news on whether the new warship’s construction has begun.


INS Vishal will also be the first Indian carrier to boast a catapult-assisted take-off, but with CATOBAR launch capability. As the carrier will have the preferred CATOBAR aircraft launch system, it is highly unlikely that it will carry MiG-29K Fulcrum fighter jets, which are used currently for India’s naval combat aviation.


It is understood that with this preference for CATOBAR aircraft launch system, opportunities will open up in the future for competitors like US and France. US have already been pushing the Indian Navy for purchasing the Lockheed Martin’s F-35c Lightning II and McDonnell Douglas F/A 18 Hornets.