Kolkata Metro is looking for a new way to increase its revenue in the advertising sector by coping with the recession. After the smart card, the metro authorities are going to pay for the name and token of the metro station to advertise.

In terms of revenue from advertisements, Kolkata Metro is running below than Delhi or Bangalore Metro. In the current financial year, Kolkata Metro is on the list of revenue from advertisements after Western Railway and Central Railway. The city has the potential to generate revenue by providing advertising at 24 stations within a distance of only 26 km of the North-South Metro and 6 stations along the 6 km route of the East-West Metro.

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At the same time, the metro authorities are thinking of giving advertisements in tokens to increase income. Although the system is currently closed due to the pandemic, it is thought that the advertisement will be given at the backside of the token in the future. This will increase the income. At the same time, the amount of losses incurred by some passengers without RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) valuable tokens is expected to be reduced.

Authorities expect significant changes to the metro map through the city's metro expansion in the next two years. With the introduction of Metro on a few more new routes along with the existing Metro routes, the metro will carry a large percentage of the total daily commuters in the city. 

Metro authorities have decided to name 11 stations on the North-South and East-West metros, considering the possibility that most commuters will then start using a few new stations. The name of the specific company or product can be placed before or after the name of the proposed metro station. The list includes Karunamayi, Central Park, City Center, Bengal Chemical, Phulbagan, Chandni Chowk, Shobhabazar Sutanuti stations. 

In addition, the East-West Metro Salt Lake Stadium and Sector Five stations have already been rented. Among the proposed stations, Barahanagar and Chandni Chowk stations are considered potential by the metro authorities in terms of congestion.
The name of the station is fixed in the preliminary terms of the lease, certain commercial companies will be allowed to put the name of their product or company before or after the name of a station. 

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In addition, space will be left on the station premises for advertising, where the company will have the opportunity to show advertisements or videos. Station-based tenders have been conducted for five years. However, the name of the commercial company quoted anywhere on the Metro website, room announcement, Metro app, or company map can no longer be used.

In this regard, Satyaki Nath, Chief Operations Manager of Metro Rail, said, “There is a good response to the new plan. If the revenue from the non-passenger fare sector increases, the financial health of the metro will improve.”

According to Metro sources, the number of passengers at multiple stations of Kolkata Metro is much higher. Although the length of the metro line in this city is much shorter than in Delhi and Mumbai, the plan is reported to be a success due to a large number of passengers at multiple stations.