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Kerala human sacrifices: Couple butchered victim into 56 pieces; more details emerge

South region DIG R Nishanthini said the human sacrifices took place around 5-6 pm between June 8 and September 26. The couple allegedly confessed to consuming the flesh of their victims after murdering them

Kerala human sacrifices Couple butchered victim into 56 pieces more details emerge
First Published Oct 12, 2022, 10:32 AM IST

A day after the people of Kerala were jolted by the cases of ritualistic human sacrifice in the Pathanamthitta district, more shocking revelations are now emerging from the police investigation. 

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Here are the latest updates in the case:

* Padma's dead body was buried by a person named Baby, a resident of Elanthoor. Bhagval Singh, a traditional healer who was arrested along with his wife Laila for carrying out the human sacrifice, asked Baby that a pit be dug to deposit garbage. Bhagval told Baby that the pit should be dug four feet wide and paid him a thousand rupees. The pit was dug within two days. Baby said only Bhagval and Laila were at home when he and other workers came to dig the hole.

* Mohammad Shafi, who lured the two victims to Elanthoor, was offered Rs 1.5 lakh to deliver Padmam. He took Rs 15,000 as advance. He has not yet revealed how much he was paid to bring Rosaly. Shafi created a fake Facebook profile in the name of 'Sridevi' on his wife's phone to trap Bhagval. Once he established intimacy with Bhagval, who is also a Haiku poet, Shafi deleted the Facebook profile. The police are now trying to recover the profile.

* So far, eight cases have been found against Shafi. The cases include a rape case. According to police, Shafi also allegedly worked as a middleman in the unethical activities of Kochi city.

* South region DIG R Nishanthini said that autopsy on the remains of the victims is being done at the Kottayam Medical College. The two corpses were buried in four pits. Evidence collection will continue on Wednesday. The DIG said some weapons had been found inside the house.

* Giving details of the barbaric crime, DIG Nishanthini said the first body had been chopped into 56 pieces while the second was cut into five pieces. A bag smeared with vermillion and a stone was recovered along with the second body. The human sacrifices took place around 5 pm-6 pm between June 8 and September 26. The couple allegedly confessed to consuming the flesh of their victims after murdering them. 

* The Kerala High Court expressed shock at the witch-hunt in Elanthoor. Expressing shock, Justice Devan Ramachandran, while considering various petitions, the High Court referred to the murders. Stating that the crime had shocked the community's conscience, the court pointed out that people are behaving strangely these days, and the coming generation is growing up seeing all this.

* In their statement given to the police, the couple said that they performed the human sacrifice to settle financial obligations. They had many loans. The police are investigating the debts of the couple.

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