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Kerala expatriate falls victim to online bank account fraud; Here's how

Fraudsters use deceptive emails, messages, or websites to trick individuals into providing sensitive information such as login credentials or financial details. In one such incident, an expatriate from Kerala's Thrissur was cheated online in the name of opening a bank account. 

Kerala expatriate falls victim to online bank account fraud; Here's how anr
First Published Dec 8, 2023, 11:09 AM IST

Having a current account or savings account makes it simple to make money. This is the most recent and harmful fraud that has struck online. Individuals who open bank accounts purely for financial gain are allegedly trapped in financial crimes. Many people only learn about the information after the police visit the residence and the account is frozen. The massive network behind the fraud is beyond the reach of the police.

A native of Kaipamangamlam, Thrissur, had an eye-opening experience who was previously working in Dubai. Because of a crisis, the individual had to quit his job and return to Kerala. He became the victim of online scams. While sitting at home without a paycheck, he came across an advertisement on Facebook. "You can earn by creating a new savings or current account; click the ad," the advertising said. Following that, calls and texts arrived, attempting to locate the young man.

However, when a Malayali himself spoke, he took the advertisement at its value. The instructions called for taking possession of the bank account and transferring the information. Other than waiting for the money to arrive, nothing happened. In the meantime, the young man took a flight to Dubai after receiving his job back. He learned that he was part of a financial scam involving crores when he received a call one day from his residence. At least fifty persons have fallen prey to scam, according to Ernakulam Rural Police.

Cyber police have discovered fraud totaling Rs 250 Crore across 45 accounts. After making one arrest in the incident, police were able to gather this much information. Fraudsters are multilingual. Money obtained from other fraudulent and illegal activities will be deposited into this account after the account information has been retrieved. As soon as the fraud gang members divide up the enormous sum of money, the legitimate account holder will be named as an accused in the investigation.

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