Bengaluru: Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister Govind Karjol on Thursday deposited a 140-gram golden crown, which was gifted to him by his villagers, to the state chief secretary as state property.

Karjol handed over the crown to Chief Secretary TM Vjiay Bhaskar.

“The villagers of Karjol in Vijayapura district felicitated me and gave me this 140-gram golden crown. This was their way of showing love and respect. They see me as one of their own who became the state’s deputy CM and someone who took up development and irrigation works in the Karjol village,” Karjol told reporters.

“Their love, respect and faith should belong to the government. I did development works as a minister and legislator. And, what will I do keeping a golden crown anyway? So, I decided to hand over the crown to the chief secretary so that it becomes a property of the state,” he said.

In a Tweet roughly translated from Kannada to English, the Deputy CM said, "The golden crown of Babajeshwara constituency in Vijayapur district has been handed over from me to the chief secretary today. All the villagers of my hometown of Karajola village had presented me this crown of 140g gold with the utmost affection."

The tweet added, "We hope that the development of the village and irrigation projects take place. I pay my sincere tributes to the people of the village."

Govind Karjol, senior BJP leader is a five-term member of Karnataka Legislative Assembly from Mudhol constituency. He was also the Deputy Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly from May 2018 to July 2019.