When the fires ran out on the night of August 11 after 5 hours of vandalism, looting and senseless violence in East Bengaluru, four lives had been lost and hundreds were being treated for injuries.

What was initially thought of as anger over a provocative Facebook post is now being investigated in a completely new angle. 

Few days ago, the Bengaluru CCB revealed that the true motive of the attack could have been to allegedly eliminate the Congress MLA and that those from his own party were behind the plot. 

On August 11 night, Congress MLA Akhanda Srinivasamurthy's house was targetted and set ablaze by miscreants. He survived the attack.

In light of the CCB revelation, Asianet Newsable spoke exclusively to Congress MLA Akhanda Srinivasamurthy.

Can you recall what happened on that fateful night?

On August 11 night, my house, DJ Halli and KJ Halli police stations, the house of my neighbour Mune Gowda and few four-wheelers and two-wheelers were damaged and torched. Whoever did it, it was wrong. They should be punished.

CCB's investigation and chargesheet have pointed the needle of suspicion towards Ex-Mayor R Sampath's involvement in the attack on your house and the violence. What do you have to say?

I could not believe it. Now the police are probing. Whoever is responsible should be punished as per law.

I did not any doubt anyone then. That's because during the election, they worked with me. They were accompanying me in wards and working together. Party leaders, area corporators were meeting the common man. And in every ward, any prayers or rituals were conducted after taking them into confidence. I took everyone along. I myself did not know that they will do like this (staging riots and attacking the police station and his house). Now they have been charge-sheeted by the CCB. I feel sad that such people are in the party

Back-stabbing seems to be the unwritten rule of politics and it has been proved so in your case. What is your take on your own party leader's involvement in allegedly trying to eliminate you? And also many innocents have been arrested.

I am scared now. When I got the news about the CCB report on their (Sampath Raj Ex-Mayor and associates) plan to do something like this, I was shocked. I was wondering, what have I done wrong? I was building the party. Across the state, I have set a record of taking the highest lead in terms of votes. The voters were also pained by this development. Whoever is behind this attack, should be punished and innocents should be spared. The delegation involving MLA BZ Zameer Ahmed Khan, former CM Siddaramaiah and KPCC president DK Shivakumar should ensure justice to residents impacted by this incident.

There was speculation raised back then that your nephew's controversial post had triggered the violence.

Let him be my sister's son or any relative. If they have done anything wrong they should be punished for posting such a derogatory post.

Your house was burnt down. People in your constituency say you had a sentimental connection with the house. Can you tell us why?

It was my ancestors' house where my brother and sister grew. My father had built it. We have good memories. We were living there as a joint family. I felt deeply hurt when miscreants burnt down the house built by my parents. I am pained by this. Now my brother has moved away, I have moved to RT Nagar. Top Muslim cleric Sageer Ahmed Khan and MLA Zameer Ahmed Khan paid me a visit and offered to renovate the house. It was a blessing that they came. He stood by me in this difficult time and I feel good. I will rebuild the house with his blessings

The CCB claims that the plot was to damage your reputation and then to kill you. What is your take on this?

My assembly voters are with me, I keeping moving in the area. There is no problem. Nothing bad will happen, as people of the constituency are with me.

It is said that Congress leaders did not like you, as they saw you as a JD(S) migrant. Now after this incident, do you plan to switch the party?

My father C Ramaiah was Congress block president and represented Jayamahal Block. I have Congress blood as my background. There is no question of leaving the party