Out of sight, out of mind, certainly Arnab Goswami is familiar with the saying and so after his highly publicised resignation from the post of Editor -in-Chief at Times Now in November , he lost no time in rallying his troops for another venture in media.


He has named his new channel The Republic and it will begin its television innings prior to the UP Elections  next year.


According to reports, it will be a Mumbai-based venture and will have the investment support of a Bengaluru-based media owner, a major TV distribution network and a powerful advertising and media buying group.


Before his resignation as The Newshour anchor was heard telling his colleagues at Times Now, "Don't ever lose your faith in independent media. Nobody can teach us independent media. The independent media has come, will happen. I've been able to do it only because of that."


Looks like it is the age of independent media that Arnab will be ushering in.


Despite all the criticism he faced for high-decibel line of questioning his guests, his refusal to allow anyone to let in a word sideways when he is speaking, it was this very mannerism that made him popular with the masses. Soon after his resignation, the public began to miss his fiery speeches and their popular target of ridicule and now with the news of The Republic beginning, everything will be back to normal.