ISIS is one of the major threats the world is facing at the moment, and for years, this terror organisation is using the internet and social media to propagate, intimidate, communicate and also to hire jihadis from all over the world. 

According to Mid Day report, in past two years, the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) has been able to de-radicalised above 60 youths from all over the state and 20 of them were from Mumbai itself. 

During this process, the ATS learnt about many tactics ISIS use for luring the youths. 

1.    Online recruitment team: ISIS has a full-fledged team of online recruiters that are operating from different parts of the world, the report quoted ATS sources as saying. This team looks out for youths who support using of arms to protest Islam and are inclined towards the ideology of ISIS. 

2.    Monitoring online: The recruiters monitor online activity of youths who posts statuses of ISIS activity and jihad and also ‘like’ posts that are on Islamic fundamentalist in nature. 

3.    Direct message to preaching: Soon, such youths get private messages, and the sender starts conversing about Islam and preachers about the religion. 

4.    World tours and job opportunity: The sender of the messages then starts telling the youths about the opportunity of world tour and job opportunities ISIS offers. Then once the youth falls for these, the sender reveals his true identity. This is the first level of the recruitment process. 

5.    Radicalisation and Indian handler: Once the youth is radicalised through two to three recruiters and he/she is handed over to Indian handlers. 

6.    The path to Syria: The Indian handler then ensures that the youth is sent to Syria using different routes.  

The squad has also learnt that youths are made to take a vow of allegiance in writing or audio or video recording sent to ISIS recruiters through social media, the report stated. The oath is used to blackmailing those youths who wants to quit the terror organisation. 

This oath is proof enough under Indian law to launch a case against such young people. "If a victim takes the oath, then we can book him under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act because it is a confirmation that he joined the outfit. The electronic evidence [of interactions with ISIS recruiters] will bolster the case," the report quoted ATS source as saying. 

The Maharashtra ATS chief, Atulchandra Kulkarni, stated that the organisation is keeping an eye on social media activity and that they are focusing on de-radicalisation rather than arresting such misguided youths. However, he was also quoted as saying that not every case of radicalisation is similar.