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7 reasons why you cannot live on Mars

  • Little or no Oxygen and freezing temperatures are some of the first roadblocks
  • Backup from Earth will take time to arrive and by that time you can be dead
mars stay not possible


National Geographic has recently documented humanity’s quest to colonise Mars. People are filling in forms to move to Mars, we’re looking at you Elon Musk! Families are separating over who gets to go to Mars and why is one leaving the other behind (yes, this is actually happening). Well, in case you are one of them who has already bought their ticket to Mars, you may want to reconsider your decision. Here’s why MARS cannot be your new hangout:



1. When winters come we cover ourselves in layers of woollen clothing, hoping to escape the chilly weather. Well, we have got news: on Earth, Antarctica has the coldest temperatures -56°F (-49°C) compared to an average of -67°F (-55°C) on Mars. Good luck surviving that! 



2. On Earth we have been complaining about how the ozone layer is depleting and  how  we are losing out on green cover; by our standards, if we go to Mars the news will be no different. On Mars, however, the damage has already been done. The atmosphere there is quite thin almost like laboratory vacuum on Earth. The average Mars surface pressure is well below the 6 per cent Armstrong limit which is the limit for human survival. The sun has already done the damage to the surface and has left the planet’s surface corroded through huge bursts of gas.



3. Technical problems will be a pain to solve. Even if you have a dedicated team for solving these problems like a leak in your spacesuit or your capsule, by the time you approach authorities for a solution, you will be dead. Mars is composed of 96 per cent carbon dioxide, 1.93 per cent argon and 1.89 per cent nitrogen along with traces of oxygen and water. So the lack of oxygen is enough to kill you. Imagine you have rip in your spacesuit  and your space tailor is not able to mend it!



4. Sustenance in many ways will be difficult. From food to the atmosphere, to the temperature to the supportive factors - all are hostile. Not enough study or research has guaranteed the development or growth of a lifeform on Mars. The surface of Mars is dry, dusty, and covered in dirt. However, scientists have made headway in growing food but it was achieved only after Earth soli and nutrients were mixed in it. Now imagine lugging soil in your small Martian capsules.



5. If you were complaining about the pollution down here in India and found  yourself suffocated by the smog, then check out what Mars has in store for you. They have dust and dust storms in plenty! Every Martian summer, roughly every two Earth years, you get a higher chance of global dust storms. They may last for weeks and like in a desert sandstorm visibility can be reduced to a great extent.



6. Since Earth is the mothership, future residents of Mars will definitely need backup from down here. Only catch is that support will be difficult to come by. From medicines, to technology, to supplies - for everything Mars residents will be relying on Earth. There is only so much you can carry on your trip to the Red Planet. Travel time between the two planets is estimated to be around six to seven months. Also scientists say that is there is only one launch window from Earth every 26 months. Till then, all you can do is adjust.



7. Human procreation on Mars will be problematic. So while you will have plenty of time on your hands there, sex is not one of the things you can indulge in. Doctors don’t know if women can become pregnant and give birth in the lesser gravity on Mars (it's got 38 percent of the gravity on Earth). Research is yet to be done.


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