Donald Trump won the United States Presidential Election 2016 few days ago. Just one day after that, creepy Donald Trump rubber masks became a massive hit in Japan and very few people know so as to why it became an instant hit. The demand is so high that the makers have doubled the production of these rubber masks.


Ogawa Studios, one of the most popular mask manufacturers of the country, came up with this range of Trump masks, expressing different emotions. Their unique selling point is that each signature design has a level of creepiness for which the people want to buy more.


The demand especially for the Trump mask has gone over the roof. Ogawa Studios have kept most of the orders on hold. They have promised to satisfy their demanding customers in a short period of time.


The Japanese civilians have come up with interesting ideas so as to why these masks’ popularity has sky-rocketed in no time.


Some said that probably Japan is apparently getting ready for a Trump-like revolution and some felt that if one has to wear a mask then he or she should wear a face of somebody who is really important and currently for them, Trump is at the zenith of importance.


People also are considering these masks as year-end party and Christmas gifts.