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'You lose what you cling to, so, don’t cling to things,' Alia Bhatt reveals father's advice

The chirpy actress Alia Bhatt didn't have it her way during her initial days in the film industry. In an interview with Niranjan, she revealed all, including what gave her a panic attack on the sets of a movie 

You lose what you cling to, so, don't cling to things, Alia Bhatt reveals father's advice
Mumbai, First Published May 10, 2020, 1:48 PM IST

Mumbai: Bollywood is abundant with glitz, glam and of course the paparazzi. Something about B-Town celebrities that’s truly mesmerizing is their social lives. Their every subtle move, their airport looks, gossip surrounding them that adds to the jazz. The stardom around Bollywood’s superstars is indeed what makes them who they are. And, if you’re that curious one who keeps stalking celebrities on social media to know their every move, then this piece is certainly your entertainment dose this May! Zee Café, one of the leading English entertainment channels, brings to you a star-studded line-up of Bollywood superstars THEN and NOW in the back-to-back episodes of Look Who’s Talking with Niranjan and Starry Nights airing weekdays at 11AM only on Zee Café and Zee Café HD.

Season opener of Starry Nights 2.Oh! had a really special guest. She is known by many names in Bollywood, such as the brightest star in the sky, the jewel of the ocean or the most multifaceted actor in town. She is none other than Alia Bhatt. By far, what catches one’s glance is the twinkle in her eyes or her zeal to prove her mettle as a young rising star. Catch a glimpse of Alia Bhatt, the superstar THEN and NOW as she takes us through her very first break in the industry, her success mantra and lessons she learnt that made her stronger along the way on Thursday, May 7, 2020 only on Zee Café.

Talking frankly with Niranjan, Alia had much to share of her time on the sets of Student of The Year and her experience working with top industry pioneers like Karan Johar and fellow actor Varun Dhawan and much more.

“It’s very easy to get lost and start believing in the image that is put out there about you. No matter how talented or focused I am, it will get the better of me one day and nobody will want to work with me,” revealed Alia as her biggest fear.

You lose what you cling to, so, don't cling to things, Alia Bhatt reveals father's advice

“The only time I asked for help because I was having a panic attack right before I started shooting for Radha and strangely, I would never do this, but I called up my father and asked for his advice on my current predicament,” said Alia Bhatt about the one time she hesitatingly called up her father to ask for a word of advice.

Talking about having a professional discussion about her career with her father, she said, “If I am ever confused about a film, I would rather speak about it to Karan Johar. I feel that he is my mentor and that he is somebody who I trust the most when it comes to such things.”

While on the show Starry Nights 2.Oh!  Alia Bhatt carefully deflected a question about the video of her from a chat show that went viral and made headlines. She was quick to respond by saying, “I was never book Intelligent and refrained from reading a lot of books. Instead, I would involve myself in a lot of physical activity. I was always aware that I wasn’t too academically intelligent, but I would try to push myself in other areas.”

Soni Razdan was grateful for the values instilled during Alia’s early years and was proud to say, “I have never heard anyone say that she has made things miserable. Alia was such a sunny child growing up and she has always been spreading a lot of love to everyone she meets.”

On being asked whether she missed her father when he wasn’t around, she said “I never really missed him because he was never really there. But after a couple of years, he really did make the effort of trying to spend more time with us. Our real friendship began when I started doing films.”

Talking on the lines of fame and fortune, Soni Razdan points out that Alia Bhatt doesn’t go around lavishly spending her savings. She said, “Alia knew the value of what she was getting. Even as a child, if she was getting a mere 10 bucks, she would give it to a worthy cause or save it rather than spend it foolishly on unnecessary things.”

“You lose what you cling to, So, don’t cling to things. Enjoy glory, enjoy fame, enjoy life and most importantly enjoy love and when the time comes to say goodbye, just gracefully get up and go” was a loving advice that Alia’s father, Mahesh Bhatt had for her on the sets of Starry Nights 2.Oh!.

With that as only the teaser, there’s tons of entertainment in store! Watch out for your favourite celebrity in the blockbuster line-up of the two talk shows on Zee Café. 

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