His ex-girlfriend Emily Goldberg took to Instagram to share an emotional message with a lovely picture of them from their dating days.

She wrote, "'Come on babe, don't give up on us. Choose me, and I'll show you love.' Those are lyrics from a song Tim wrote for me. I wish I could have lived up to them. For the two years we were together, he was my closest confidante, and my best friend. Now I can't look at Bear without knowing I'll never see his face again."


Like his fans, even Emily is unable to accept the fact that the artist, who was 28 years old, is no more. She added in the caption, "I'm still collecting my thoughts and thank you for all your kind words and texts. Wake me up when it's all over, because I don't want it to be real."

In another post, she shared a screenshot of her conversation with Avicii, take a look.


🖤 #ripavicii #avicii

A post shared by Emily Goldberg (@emilygoldberg89) on Apr 20, 2018 at 2:50pm PDT


Many celebrities including Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Hardwell, Afrojack, Skrillex and Liam Payne have commented on his shocking death with touching tributes and sweet messages. 

Avicii's cause of death is still unknown but he did have a history of illness. The DJ was known to have suffered from acute pancreatitis in the past. 

He’s best known for his songs “Levels, “He Brother,” and “Wake Me Up.”