South Indian actress Amala Paul revealed another chilling detail of her sexual harassment case done by Chennai businessman named Alagesan, she has said that the accused is part of a sex racket. 

This incident happened while Amala was rehearsing in a dance studio. In a statement released by the actress, Amala alleged, "On 31 January while I was practising at a Chennai based studio for a dance performance, a man entered the premises and approached me saying there is something important he needs to discuss with me regarding the event. He offered me to attend a special dinner after the event which was to be concluded in Malaysia." 

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According to, Amala has also said that the accused is part of a sex racket. “I realised he is a member of an organised sex racket as he has my latest number stored in his phone, and had all the information related to me and other actresses performing in the event.” the actress said.


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Amala is upset with the misinformation being spread by some media houses. She said, "There is an investigation going on and I don’t wish to be a hurdle in the same, that is the only reason why I am choosing to keep mum on the findings. But that doesn’t stop me from filing a defamation suit against cheap journalism.” 

Actor Vishal appreciated Amala’s boldness to take up the incident with the police. "Hats off to ya guts @Amala_ams for yr boldness in the recent incident. Salute u.needs a lot of determination and guts to move a case on sexual harassment.sincere thanks to the police dept for the swift action.hope these culprits learn a lesson," he tweeted.

Also read:Amala Paul recalls sexual harassment horror

During the weekend, Amala thanked Vishal for standing by her side. “Thank you Vishal for standing by me and assuring me that I must  not let it go, and I didn’t; now I believe it’s every woman’s duty, to not let it go and stand for themselves. He was ready to trade me off like a meatloaf, his guts make me sick, and his existence makes me sick #MeToo,” Amala tweeted.

This is not the first time a popular actress has faced sexual harassment. In February 2017, a Malayalam actress was waylaid and assaulted by a gang of men in a car. Despite the ordeal, she went through, she filed a police complaint.