Chennai: Actress Sai Pallavi has expressed anger over the brutal rape and murder of a seven-year-old girl in Tamil Nadu.

The state of Tamil Nadu has been in news for all the wrong reasons. After the custodial deaths of father and son duo of Jayaraj and Fenix (Benix), a girl was sexually assaulted and murdered in Pudukottai.

In a series of tweets, Marri 2 actress Pallavi said “hope in the human race is deteriorating at such a fast pace”.

She wrote on her Twitter account, “The hope in human race is deteriorating at such a fast pace. We misuse power that’s given to help the voiceless. We hurt ppl whom we find weaker. And we kill babies to satisfy our monstrous pleasures (sic).”

In another tweet, she said, “With every passing day it looks like nature is telling us that our race needs to be wiped clean, for living such a pathetic life where we watch such incidents happen but still be so useless!!! This inhumane world doesn’t deserve to birth another Child ! (sic).”

The actress demanded justice for the girl Jayapriya. “I pray that there doesn’t come a day when justice is served only when the crime is brought to the limelight or it happens to “Trend” on social media. What would happen to all those crimes that go unnoticed and unreported ?? (sic).

“As it has come to a state where there are so many horrific crimes that we need to use a hashtag to recognize One! #JusticeforJayapriya (sic),” she wrote.