It is reported that she has filed a maintenance petition in the same court under the provision of Hindu Marriage Act from her estranged husband.


Rambha stopped acting in movies after her wedding, and has no source of income now. According to a Times of India report, she has sought ₹1.5 lakh for herself and ₹ 50,000 each for her two minor daughters for their upkeep on a monthly basis. 



To quote a PTI report, “The actor submitted that she would like to live with her husband Indran Pathmanathan, whom she married in April, 2010. The couple has been living separately for some time now.”


The petition said "After marriage, I have more or less stopped acting in movies. I don't have sufficient income to maintain myself and my two children." 


The petition also says, "Rambha's elder daughter Laanya is studying at a private school, where the fee is ₹3.5 lakh per annum, her younger daughter Sasha, aged one-and-a-half years, required regular medical treatment. So Rambha required ₹2.5 lakh to maintain herself and her two minor children, it said."


Rambha's husband, the owner of a factory in Canada, "is duty-bound to protect Rambha," said the petition.


Rambha is popular for her glamour roles in South Indian film industry and has about 100 films to her credit.