Telugu actress Sri Reddy Mallidi alias Srilekha has given shocking and sensational comments on Telugu film industry in a recent interview with TV9.

In the interview, she opened up about the dark secret of Tollywood. The actress who was seen in Aravind 2 said, "In the film industry, there is a term called 'commitment' which means you have to be ready to do anything the filmmakers demand. "Srilekha also said, there are cases where some directors have a ready answer for delay in film once they have got the actresses in the bed. That there is casting couch, and it is very strong, she said.


 ఎంతమందిని వాడుకొని

Some demand that an actress needs to sleep with the producer, hero and director or cameraman, to get an opportunity in the industry. Sometimes after sleeping, you get a single scene in the movie.

For Tollywood film, Telugu girls are looked down upon and are not given a chance as most of the top heroes and filmmakers prefer actresses from outside Andhra-Telangana. Therefore you see most of the top Tollywood actresses are from North India or from neighbouring South Indian states.

"This is the only reason, why many Telugu girls are not spotted in the industry. That's why there are not many Telugu heroines here." the actress added. She also said, "Actresses and models get chance when they are ready to be crumpled between the bed sheets, and I know this is the case with many popular heroines but won't reveal them on the camera."

Srilekha also gave a shocking information, that top and popular heroes in Telugu film industry sometimes take their heroines to politicians for various benefits. 

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