Anushka Shetty is perceived to be a favourite for historical roles in South Indian cinema, as she has successfully donned suuch the roles in blockbusters like 'Bahubali' and 'Rudrammadevi'. Her performance in these roles was well received by audiences as well.


Now, an alternative actor for such roles seems to have come to the fore and she is none other than Nayantara. The newly released film 'Kashmora' bears a testimony to this, film-goers said.


The teaser of Kashmora, which stars both Nayantara and Karthik, is making waves in Tollywood. Those who have seen Nayantara in the role of the ‘kadak rani’ are sure that Nayantara is going to become a viable alternative to Anushka Shetty, who gave an impressive performance.


Some say that Nayantara’s performance reminds them of Deepika Padukone in her historic epic Bajirao Mastani.


Let's hope all the hype turns out to be true!