Calling the Uri terror strike on Sunday as an act of cowardice, Mollywood superstar Mohanlal has stated that Pakistan dare not to attack India when the country is awake.


"Pakistan has shamelessly attacked India," Mohanlal wrote in a blog post resounding with patriotism and outrage at the terror attack on the army camp at Uri in Jammu and Kashmir on 18 September. "I deliberately used the word, because every terror strike is a shameless act," he felt.


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The terrorists can unleash an attack on India only when it is asleep. "If India wakes up, the world will bow down - even if it is in the case of spiritually, material wealth or in military might," he said.


"I am not a war monger and don't like to watch war except in films. ... But I can't preach anti-war slogans when the enemy thrust his weapon down my throat," the Mollywood superstar said, demanding a befitting reply to the terror strike that claimed 18 Indian soldiers at Uri.  


Mohanlal, who received the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel of Territorial Army in 2010, also slammed those who raise discord within the nation. "The times demand unity and not petty squabbles to protect self-interests," he warned. Before concluding his long hand-written post on his blog, titled 'Amar Javan, Amar Bharat,' Mohanlal urged all Indians to unite as sons of one mother and rise as soldiers themselves.