Bengaluru: The title for the Manvitha Kamath’s upcoming bilingual flick has been announced. As per reports, the film will be called Rajasthan Diaries and will feature in two languages; Marathi and Kannada.
The Tagaru actress will star opposite debutant Sumukh. The movie will commence shooting on March 7 and will be directed by Nandita Yadav.
The film will be shot in Mumbai and Rajasthan as per reports, which also state that Rajasthan Diaries will feature Mithun Chakraborty, Arun Sagar and Rajesh Nataranga.
Not too much is known of the details of the story, but word on the Sandalwood street is that the movie will be a teen romance with the characters journeying together. Manvitha is currently working on two projects simultaneously.