Mollywood actress Charmila, who has done more than 65 films in various southern languages, is now poised to make another comeback to films after a long sabbatical as she has to overcome some financial difficulties.

The actress, who has also worked in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada films, quit acting after her marriage and fully concentrated towards her new responsibility as a married woman.

A few years ago, Charmila was in the limelight after she ended her marriage with her then-husband Rajesh. Now, the actress is again in the news as she has decided to return to the silver screen due to financial problems.

"I have acted in almost 65 films in both Malayalam and Tamil, and played the female lead in about 50 movies as well. I earned a lot of money, but didn't save it wisely. So now I am really struggling to meet the ends," the actress said in a recent interview.

Charmila also said that she splurged all her savings to have a lavish life with her husband. However, after her divorce, she has found it difficult to meet her expenses.

Now she has to take care of her bedridden mother, and spends Rs 10,000 monthly on domestic help, who takes care of her. "On top of it, when I return after a shoot, people from whom I borrowed money would often be waiting at my house to get back their money," she added.