Rakshit Shetty starrer Kirik Party had a real Kirik (problem) to face when Lahari Recording Company filed a case against the movie crew alleging that the song ‘Hey Who Are You’ in the movie was a copy of the song “Madhyarathrili Highway Rastheli” from the movie Shanthi Kranthi released in 1991.


However, directed by Rishab Shetty, Kirik Party is being appreciated by people and many came out in support of the movie crew and the Lahari company owner Venu was even trolled for filing a case against the movie crew in the enth moment.


The songs of the movie were officially released on December 2. The Lahari audio company had written an objection letter to the Kirik Party that the notes of the song ‘Hey Who Are You’ were copied from the song of Shanthi Kranthi.


The Kirik Party team had sent them a reply that the notes were not copied and they were confident about the content they had composed.


Following this, there was no reply from the audio company, nor any case was filed. It was announced that the movie was going to be released on December 30 and a premier was to be held on December 29.


The Lahari company owner Velu waited until December 27 and filed a case against Kirik Party movie crew. Just one day left for the premier and two days for the release of the movie state-wide, the City Civil Court brought a stay on the release of the movie.


However, Paramvah Studios, the makers of the Kirik Party approached the High Court and after hearing the arguments, the HC removed the stay and allowed the film to be released. There was also a clause asking the film to remove the song from the movie. But the Kirik Party producers argued that the movie was going to be released in a day and it was not possible to make the changes.


After deliberation, the HC Justice Aravind Kumar allowed the film to be released with the song. But it asked the crew to deposit ₹10 lakh in the City Civil Court towards the final hearing of the case.


However, currently Kirik Party is on cloud nine over the overwhelming response to the movie from the audience. So, there is no doubt that the Sandalwood is ending this year with a bang, thanks to Kirik Party among many other films including Thithi, U-turn, Rama Rama Re, Kotigobba and others.


This is the song Hey Who Are You from Kirik Party


 This is the video of the song Madhyaratili Highway rastheli from the movie Shanthi-Kranthi