According to many reports published there is a bad news for the actress' fans; Kavya is planning to quit films and Mollywood.

According to a source, Kavya said that she has decided to retire from movies and settle down as a homemaker after her marriage. 

Though we await an official statement from the actress herself, accusatory fingers are already being  pointed at Dileep's disinterest in his partner continuing an acting career. Industry insiders say this could be one of the major reasons for her decision to retire. 

According to the report, Dileep has also openly said that he cannot watch his wife romancing other actors on screen.

His ex-wife Manju Warrier's had also quit films when she was at the peak of her career, as Dileep wanted a 'homemaker' wife. After their separation in an interview when asked about the reason behind their trouble in the relationship, Dileep said that he did not like Manju pursuing an acting career again.


But after the divorce, Manju became active in the film industry, and the Malayalee film-loving audience welcomed her back. She was seen in movies like How old are you, Vettah, Jo and the Boy, Ennum Eppozhum, Karinkunnam 6s post her comeback.


Dileep has also made it very clear that he will never allow his daughter Meenakshi to pursue acting as a career. Dileep wants Meenakshi to pursue a medical career. 

Post, Dileep, Kavya's wedding they have been heavily thrashed by the supporters of the actor's ex-wife Manju Warrier, on social media platforms. So much of backlash has led Mollywood producers of Dileep's upcoming films to worry whether the negative publicity would affect the actor's future projects.