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Kashmir incidents blown out of proportion: Alok Nath

Kashmir incidents blown out of proportion: Alok Nath
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The actor visited Kashmir after 25 years. "Minor incidents happen everywhere, in the country and the rest of the world but if something like that happens here, it becomes big, which should not happen.Whatever I had heard or read about the place, I find it opposite of that. I feel this place is like any normal place," Nath told reporters here when asked about his perception about Kashmir.


The veteran said had it not been for work, he would have stayed in the Valley for a long time. "I want to stay here as it is a very beautiful place with such lovely people, but because of my work commitments, I have to return. I promise to come back and be here for a longer duration," he said.


Asked about his views on his colleague Anupam Kher's recent comments and participation in political activities, Nath said actors should refrain from taking part in politics and stick to their profession. "He has personal views, he has some political bent on this and he has emotions, but I feel those should not be generalised. It is in isolation but there is freedom of expression.


"I personally feel that an actor should not take an important part in politics. Our profession is different and sensitive and we should remain in our profession only. This is what I think and I have no control on his thinking," he said.


Actor-turned-producer Imran Khan said there were some apprehensions about shooting in Kashmir in Nath's mind but "they went away after reaching here". "I told Nath that I will complete this film in Kashmir. Director Tourism Mehmood Shah talked to him over phone and we changed his mind. After he reached here, his perception changed," Khan said.


The film, whose second leg of shooting is currently going on, also stars Farida Jalal, Tom Alter and Shahbaz Khan.


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