Rajinikanth and Nana Patekar starrer 'Kaala' has now been slapped with a legal case by journalist Jawahar Nadar, the son of Mumbai-based godfather Thiraviam Nadar who was known to protect Tamilians in the low-income households of Dharavi.

Jawahar has said that Rajinikanth's character 'Karikalan' is based on his father who was called 'Kaala Seth' and 'Gudwala Seth'. He alleges that the movie intends to tarnish the image of both his father and the Nadar community as a whole. Now, Jawahar has demanded a whopping Rs 101 crore as damages.

"I demanded a defamation amount of Rs 100 crore, as Rajinikanth and filmmaker Pa Ranjith are making this film Kaala for their political benefits, using my father’s name. I also demanded  that my father Thiraviam Nadar’s name should be credited in the movie. I did not demand Rs 100 for my personal purpose,  I asked the money for the benefit of the people of Dharavi," Jawahar was quoted as saying.

The hearing of the case was on Tuesday, June 5.