Just after his 'surprise marriage' with Kavya Madhavan on Friday, Mollywood actor Dileep said:"When I decided to have a companion in life, I thought of the girl who was made a scapegoat because of me." He was apparently referring to the gossips around them. As the saviour thus spake, in full glare of cameras, the 'scapegoat' looked meek, with no words of her own to add on to that.


Just half an hour before that, the actor had referred to Kavya as 'friend.' But when the duo addressed the media after marriage, Dileep took the centre stage and even dictated the statements of his new wife, who submissively looked up to him for permission, playing the docile stereotype of a bride as per the script. On his part, Dileep, played a typical hero who saves the heroine from all troubles and subtly claimed that he was rescuing the 'scapegoat.'


Sad that there was none to stand up and say: "That was so MALE of you, man!"


But the response of the Malayalee netizens, who instantly took to social media about the marriage of the star pair was even more horrifying.


The benign comments expressed 'solidarity' to Dileep's former wife and actress Manju Warrier. Some of them used words very carefully though, cautious enough to sound 'politically correct' while slyly intruding into a very private terrain. Most of these comments drew parallels, trying to put Manju against Kavya by weighing them for their perceived goodness and merit and by conveniently applying standards that are subjective and prejudiced.


"Manju Warrier has it, GRACE! And I respect that woman," one of the Facebook comments, appeared  just as television channels  beamed the wedding ceremony live.  The context of the comment, the reference, the parallels drawn and the implicit suggestion of an antithesis were too obvious to be overlooked.


Well, that was a clever 'politically correct' way of taking a stand in a very private affair where you have no business at all.


 Unfortunately, a good section of netizens was far less trained in the artful use of words. They vent their anger against Kavya on her Facebook wall, without mincing words. Their comments were seldom polished, and the intrusion into privacy was blatant. Venom, hatred and outright abuse of the star couple ruled the social media space. The trollers did not try to cover up the moralistic moorings and the sexist rage against the 'villainous lady who seduced the husband and spoiled a marriage!'  No prize for guessing why Dileep was attacked only sparingly!


There were numerous trolls on the star wedding that drew inspiration from currency ban. The most popular one was that the actor successfully exchanged an old note for a new currency! The overused (sick) joke of buying a tea garden for a cup of tea also gained currency in the backdrop of the glamour wedding.


The trollers did not even spare the minor daughter of Dileep who approved her father's second marriage. 


This is how we 'enjoy' our freedom and poke into someone else's life. How sick!