As soon as we take the Pan-India star Prabhas' name, his fans just come along and shower all their love just like a domino effect.

Prabhas is a big name and is idolised by everyone. Prominence came along with his impeccable work in Baahubali, a two-part super hit film, and Saaho that came out in 2019.

Prabhas fans have now taken to the groove of his birthday that is on 23rd October and have started the celebrations early on.

We caught this bunch of social media posts where the fans have created a common display on the occasion of his birthday.

This fan took to his social media to express their love.

We are completely in awe of the love and respect Prabhas gets from his fans time and again. His fandom is just like a lions roar, strong and massive.

Their excitement especially now is on an all-time high because this year 2020 has been a very special year for Prabhas. The actor has made back to back announcements.

The Pan-India star Prabhas is versatile, charismatic, and works with finesse. He will be seen with all this and more in Adipurush, Radheshyam, and many more such big-ticket films.