Bollywood actress Sridevi, who died after suffering a cardiac arrest in Dubai at the age of 54 was last seen dancing at her husband Boney Kapoor's nephew Mohit Marwah's wedding that was held in Ras Al Khaimah.

However, according to Gulf News, Dubai police found traces of alcohol in her body and this may have led to her drowning in the bathtub.

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Now coming back to unbelievable similarities between Sridevi and the famous singer Kishore Kumar.

1)  Sridevi was born on August 13, 1963 (numerology number 4).  On the other hand, Kishore Kumar was born on August 4th, 1929 (numerology number 4), same as that of the actress  .

2) Both the celebs are born under the period of No 1; Sun means Leo. People who are born under this period of the Sun are dominant, stubborn, creative, individualistic, definite in views and ambitious. Such persons are successful in their career and very unconventional in their approach. And we all know that Kishore and Sridevi ruled there respective fields.

3) Kishore Kumar had four brothers while Sridevi has 4 siblings (1 sister and 2 step brothers)

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4) Kishore Kumar and Sridevi both got married at the age of 22.

5) Both of them worked as child artistes.

6) Both of them entertained us with their talent and performances, reached the heights of stardom and fame very early and sadly left soon too.